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Seirus' Commitment to Sustainability

Creating a world where outdoor experiences are accessible for everyone is at the heart of what we do. To truly achieve that, we understand the importance of caring for our beautiful planet. That's why our sustainability efforts are all about striking a perfect balance between people and the environment. By prioritizing this balance, we not only protect our natural spaces but also ensure they remain accessible for generations to come. Let's keep exploring together, while taking care of the place we call home.

Code of Conduct

Seirus Innovation upholds fair and ethical labor practices across our entire supply chain, adhering to internationally recognized standards. We prioritize the dignity, respect, and fairness of every employee by ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Responsible Sourcing

We collaborate with trusted suppliers dedicated to ethical and responsible sourcing, ensuring our products meet stringent safety and environmental standards. By actively avoiding materials from deforestation-prone regions, we protect vital ecosystems and biodiversity. We also uphold cruelty-free practices by excluding animal fur and exotic leather from our product line.


Through our partnerships with suppliers, we've transitioned the majority of our fleece to recycled plastic bottles. Our laminations now use non-toxic, eco-friendly adhesives, and we've replaced all "silver-based" antimicrobial agents with plant-based alternatives. Recycled poly insulations are also being integrated into our glove line.


We prioritize eco-friendly packaging that's both effective and sustainable. Our designs are geared towards easy recycling, with clear labels for sorting. We opt for certified recycled paper and board whenever possible, while minimizing plastic usage, banning single-use polybags and favoring biodegradable options for transit.

Office Oversight

Since 2020, our office space has been powered by 100% solar energy, underscoring our ongoing commitment to sustainability and renewable energy sources.

For more information on our Code of Conduct and sustainability policies, click here.


Our dedication to sustainability extends to addressing environmental health concerns caused by toxic chemicals. One such challenge is PFAS, harmful "forever chemicals" commonly found in waterproof coatings. We've been working on alternatives since 2020 and are proud to say that our latest ECO treatment is not only effective, but also completely PFAS-compliant. We're also closely monitoring legislative developments aimed at eliminating these chemicals. We want you to be as informed as possible about how this applies to our current product line. We're restricting shipments of items potentially containing PFAS in accordance with state regulations, while simultaneously working towards removing these chemicals from all our products in the long term.

Championing You and Our Planet

We leverage our brand platform as a powerful tool to drive positive change, advocating for environmental stewardship and sustainability. We hope to encourage individuals and representatives alike to take meaningful steps towards a healthier and more sustainable future. We are committed to promoting social justice, diversity and inclusivity within our organization and the broader community, to care for the people of our planet. By championing equality and inclusion, we aim to create a more equitable and just society where everyone, regardless of background or identity, feels empowered to enjoy the outdoors. Through our advocacy efforts, we hope to inspire others to join us in building a better world for current and future generations.

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