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10% of all profits from Shield online sales will be donated to our Winter Outreach Partners + Free Ground Shipping on orders $150+!

Our active heat technologies are integrated into our cold weather gear to provide a consistent source of amplified warmth to effectively trap and distribute heat, keeping your body comfortable in extreme conditions, enabling you to enjoy your outdoor activities for longer periods of time.

Each of our enhanced materials were created to provide reliable and highly effective solutions tailored to specific climate conditions and seasons. When it comes to staying cozy in the cold, braving the wind, or seeking protection from the sun’s powerful wind, our premium materials ensure you feel not just comfortable but confidently prepared for your next outdoor adventure.

We elevate our research and development process with innovative construction techniques, emphasizing versatility to facilitate outdoor experiences with fewer, yet more functional, pieces. Each design is crafted to elevate typical cold weather solutions to extraordinary levels of performance and comfort for multi-activity functionality. Every design aims to elevate conventional cold weather solutions to exceptional levels of performance and comfort, catering to multi-activity functionality. These innovations, a testament to our commitment to R&D, redefine traditional standards for cold weather solutions.

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