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Fireshield Tech Page

Navigate job sites with specialized protection tailored for the unique risks in specific lines of work. In environments where fire or arc flash hazards are present, Seirus' FR (fire-resistant) products go beyond merely addressing the cold – they prioritize safeguarding against the serious risk of burns. Our FR line adapts many of our trusted cold-weather products specifically for job site use. With permanent flame resistance, Seirus FR provides reliable protection when it matters most, offering peace of mind even if it's a precaution you never have to put to the test.

Where safety meets comfort and performance.
Our innovative collection is not only permanently flame-resistant but also machine washable, ensuring that you can confidently wash and reuse your protective gear without compromising its flame-resistant properties. Designed to endure challenging environments with wind and abrasion resistance, Fireshield provides comprehensive protection. Stay dry and comfortable with wicking, breathable fabric, while a snug next-to-skin fit ensures optimal protection. Experience freedom of movement with 4-way stretch technology, allowing you to perform tasks with agility and precision while maintaining the integrity of the flame-resistant barrier.

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