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Dynamax Tech Page

Breaking barriers in weather protection, Dynamax™ introduces a new standard. Featuring ultra-thin, dual-density fibers and a Micro Brushed inner, Dynamax™ sets a benchmark for maximum dry wicking comfort. With heightened stretch, increased warmth, superior moisture-wicking, and enhanced wind-blocking capabilities, Dynamax™ outperforms traditional options. All this comes in an incredibly thin profile, providing an unparalleled sensation of comfort and performance.

Dynamax redefines comfort and performance through its Micro Denier, Dual Density Fiber technology. Let's break it down for you. "Micro Denier" means our fibers are exceptionally fine, creating a fabric with increased intricacy and surface area. What does this mean for you? Unmatched ultra-wicking capabilities – keeping you incredibly dry by swiftly evaporating moisture. Now, onto "Dual Density" – two distinct fiber densities working harmoniously. The result? An ultra-thin profile that doesn't compromise on warmth. Dynamax offers you the best of both worlds – a fabric that's ultra-wicking, ultra-thin, and ultra-warm. It's not just material; it's a revolution in comfort, exclusively designed for you.

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