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Our Seirus Story

Our mission is to create top-notch products that bring the highest level of comfort and performance to all outdoor adventures. We never stop exploring and striving for the very best materials and craftsmanship. When you choose us, you're choosing the best gear for unforgettable outdoor adventures.


Our journey into innovating comfort began in the late 1970s. Co-founder Mike Carey introduced Cat Tracks® in 1979, and along with Wendy Carey, established Winter Mountain. In the early 1980s they merged with Edwards Ski Company, creators of the neoprene Masque. Together, they rebranded as Seirus in 1984, driven by a shared passion for enhancing outdoor experiences. Seirus thrived by creating a unique R&D culture where everyone contributes to the continuous cycle of invention and reinvention. Pulling from as many collective out, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of outdoor experiences.


Creating an environment where unique minds come together to create new innovative products has long been the Seirus way. With over 20 patents earned since 1978, we are a team of co-creators crafting outdoor solutions through hands-on research and development. Our commitment to the community ensures unparalleled experiences with Seirus gear, blending innovation and collaboration into each and every piece we create.


Cat Tracks stand as the origin of our brand back in 1979, embodying our deep-seated passion for devising solutions that elevate the comfort, safety, and durability of outdoor equipment. This innovative product offers a portable and convenient solution—a ski boot protector that not only safeguards against excessive wear and tear but also provides traction on pavement and gravel. Cat Tracks are the essence of our purpose-driven innovation, designed to address the fundamental needs of outdoor enthusiasts. This dedication is reflected in all of our products, spanning from head and face protection to handwear and base layers.


"Our innovations continue to transcend the boundaries of traditional winter gear by elevating outdoor experiences, making winter feel less cold and more exhilarating. Through this, we hope to continue to empower outdoor enthusiasts to go further, explore more, and truly break boundaries in the world of winter play."

Mike Carey - Founder / President / CEO


Grounded in collaboration, our philosophy nurtures an environment where diverse minds unite to craft exceptional outdoor gear. We're dedicated to cultivating a welcoming space for everyone, urging contribution, fostering growth, and empowering unique expressions of our shared values. The more we enable individuals to bring their personal touch to our vision, the stronger and more vibrant our community becomes. Our core belief is that the richness of varied perspectives enhances the quality of our products and the user experience. rue innovation emerges when various voices are engaged, aligning our products closely with the desires and needs of our diverse community rather than adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our Purpose

Empowering everyone to have access to the outdoors, both in representation and with gear that makes winter feel less cold and more exhilarating, is why we come to work every day and fuels all we do. Our commitment to each of our core company values is a reflection of who we are and defines our purpose in serving the outdoor community. These values guide our efforts, ensuring that every initiative resonates with inclusivity, diversity, empowerment, integrity, and a spirit of exploration, enhancing the outdoor experience for all.

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