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Seirus Masks and COVID

Face Masks for Social Distancing

Seirus has face coverings which fill the need cited by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and local authorities recommendations to be used in conjunction with social distancing when in public. The CDC also stresses the importance of saving the Proper Protective Equipment (PPE) supply available of medical-grade masks for the sick and public health workers who need them most.

Our face protection is not antiviral, and they alone will NOT stop you from getting sick. Please note that most of our masks are designed to protect specifically against sun & weather exposure. While they can be considered an additional layer of security, non medical-grade face coverage is not to be used as a replacement to recommended practices such as those promoted by the CDC.

Many of our masks do have breathing holes and all of those are listed under the stormweight category. The options below are broken out by weight.  Please be sure to get one appropriate for your needs (weather, area, etc.) And, as always, be sure to visit the CDC website as well as your local authority's online sources for the best actions you can take as we weather this new type of storm.

Coming soon is a full line of EVO head, face and hand protection with HeiQ V-Block. Check back soon and see our EVO Arc Masque available now!

BIO Arc Masque








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