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Things/Danas Tech Page


Things/Danas refers to Seirus’ innovative line of multifunctional knit tubes, which come in a variety of styles. These are: Sunthings®, Snowthings™, Sundanas™, and Snowdanas™.

 Sunthings: A seamless, multifunctional knit tube that provides great UV protection (UPF 25). They are ultra-thin, wicking, and breathable. Able to be worn a bunch of ways, check out the video for just a few & come up with your own.

Snowthings: With an added fleece lining, the Snowthing™ provides both great sun protection (UPF 50+) with added warmth and comfort.

Sundanas: A Sunthing® with a stylish bandana cut.

Snowdanas: A Snowthing™ with a stylish bandana cut pack in your bag.

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