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Expert Beginners

Embarking on something new is an adventure that goes beyond the pursuit of being the best; it's about finding joy in trying something for yourself, with friends, or for a singular experience. In a world focused on rankings, it's easy to forget that the true reward lies in the journey. The initial nerves and the sight of others excelling can be intimidating, but every expert was once a beginner, and behind innate talent are countless hours of practice and a journey marked by gradual improvement.

Sometimes, the best reason to try something new isn't for success but to savor the process, relishing shared laughter with friends or reaching a personal milestone of attempting the unfamiliar. The journey itself becomes the reward, surpassing any accolade or title. That's why we encourage you to revel in the discovery, camaraderie, and the delight of embracing the unfamiliar.

To emphasize the importance of the first step, we've gathered insights from accomplished athletes who share stories about the joys of being a beginner. Take a moment to hear their experiences and explore practical tips on this page to overcome barriers that might be holding you back from diving into a new sport or activity.

Beginner Strategies

Venturing into outdoor activities often demands specialized gear, from basic essentials to advanced tools. Yet, the cost of cutting-edge equipment can add up pretty quickly. No worries though! Here are some savvy moves to keep the adventure alive.

Renting - Dip Your Toes In:

Renting gear is like dating before committing. It might not be the forever solution, but it's a fantastic way to try something new without a big financial commitment. It is also a good strategy if you're not sure whether this adventure is going to be a fling or a long-term love affair.

Buying Used Gear: Go Thrift

Who says you need the shiniest, newest gear? Go for the thrift store treasures – hit up events or sales for pre-loved gear or discounted shiny new stuff. Just be careful with individual sellers – having a gear-savvy friend and doing your own researdch can be your secret weapon.

Borrowing From Friends: The Ultimate Gear Swap

If your buddies have extra gear, you're in luck! Borrowing from friends is like having a free pass to an adventure department store. This could also be your motivation to connect with others who share the same interests and curiosity as you!


One of the coolest things about the great outdoors is the company you keep while exploring it. Whether you've got pals already rocking the activity you're itching to try, you're convincing your crew to join in, or you're ready to make new adventure buddies, outdoor escapades are just better when shared.

Joining Your Friends - The A-Team Scenario

The best-case scenario? Your buddies are already seasoned pros. When you have friends in the know, you have the inside scoop, can maybe snag some borrowed gear, and bonus – you get to kick it with your pals. So, shout it from the mountaintops – express your interest, and you might discover friends who are secretly.

Going with Friends Who Are Also New - The Buddy System Boost

Maybe your friends aren't outdoor gurus, but that's cool too. Going with beginner buddies has perks. You're not alone in the "I'm figuring this out" zone - feeling free to be goofy and make mistakes. It's a comfort thing, a shared journey of learning, and hey, there's no rush. Take it at your own pace.

Finding New Friends - The Online Quest

Can't rope in your current crew? No worries. The internet is your friend. Most outdoor activities have online groups waiting for you to join. A few clicks, maybe a post or two, and boom – instant adventure buddies. These groups are like your favorite cousins, welcoming and ready to spice up your sport.


When diving into something new, a little know-how goes a long way. Even if you're a total newbie, having a sense of what's coming and how to prep can be the game-changer between a stellar day and a not-so-great adventure.

Unfamiliar Environments - Gear Up Smart:

New outdoor pursuits often mean diving into landscapes and weather you're not accustomed to. Step one: figure out the dress code. Is it windy, snowy, rainy? Do you need special footwear, a wind-proof shell, or a fully insulated waterproof jacket? The right weather protection is your ticket to happiness in the great outdoors.

Hazards - Navigate Your Surroundings With Knowledge

New environments can be loaded with risks, from icy roads to dangerous avalanches. But fear not – most of these can be tackled with a bit of research. You should always know where to go (and where not to) and when it's safe. Get familiar with the lay of the land, and you'll be adventuring safely in no time.

Local Insights - Discovering Outdoor Wisdom

Outdoor spaces have official rules, but there's a whole set of unwritten ones too. Find official guidelines on the managing institution's website, like a state or national park. For insider insights from the community, explore online. There's a goldmine on local tips and community know-how that locals share.

Face the Fear

We've all been beginners, and diving into something new can be nerve-wracking. But here, we're on a mission to ease those jitters, so you can confidently take your first steps into the great outdoors.

Getting Hurt - Embrace the Challenge

Every adventure has its risks, but proper training, gear, and precautions will dial down the risk. You might fall a few times, but you'll emerge tougher and more confident. Take it slow and check in with yourself to get familiar with your limits so you can safely push yourself into new adventures.

Fear of Embarrassment - Cheers to New Beginnings

The fear of looking like a newbie to any activity is often scarier than the risk of injury. Try to show genuine interest, ask for local tips, and people will generally be encouraging. Finding and gathering your crew in the larger community is part of the adventure.

Fear The Unknown - Embrace the Mystery

Entering the unknown can an initially terrifying prospect, yet it ultimately evolves into the most exhiliarting aspect of any outdoor journey. Taking that leap into the unfamiliar, armed with nothing but a sense of adventure and curiosity will soon become the essence of what you seek in life, which is always a transformation worth experiencing.

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