About us

About Seirus

As the snow sports industry evolves, we at Seirus Innovation continually study and adapt to new trends. We are constantly creating and improving our products to meet the needs of active outdoor enthusiasts, priding ourselves on our innovation. It’s in the way we think, the way we engineer and the way we build the best stuff out there. For over 30 years the team at Seirus Innovation has been able to develop cutting edge technologies and products that have proven us to be a leader in cold weather essentials. We carry over 300 products covering five unique categories: Gloves • Liners • Masques & Clavas • Hats & Quicks • Essential Equipment. We own nine patents that cover 25 landmark products. The drive to create better and more effective goods is at our heart. With the ever changing snow sports market, you can rely on Seirus remaining at the forefront of innovation.

Joe Edwards & Mike Carey

Co-founders Mike Carey and Joe Edwards, both avid snow sport enthusiasts, recognize the need for modernization and originality in the snow market. Their two original inventions, Cat Tracks and the Masque are still featured in the Seirus line today. We continue to strive for the creation of new, innovative and unique products that functions best for the user. However, both Carey and Edwards began their journeys individually before they combined their talents for invention when they met in 1979.

Joe Edwards is the founder of Edwards Ski Products, which he formed shortly after his first invention: the Masque (patented in 1978). With the development of the Masque, Edwards tapped into a pressing need, meeting the demand of a specific niche. Edwards created something that had never been seen before and is still a necessity today. Edwards is also the owner of Belter Steel Rule & Dye, a regional leader in dye cutting technology.

Mike Carey founded Winter Mountain, a manufacturer of snow sports essentials, in 1979. Mike is also the inventor of one of Seirus Innovation’s original products, Cat Tracks, saving boot soles everywhere. During a ski trip in the 70s, Carey realized that his boots needed a little love. By adding traction and improving the life of boot soles, while keeping them free of dirt and gravel. Cat Tracks became a necessity for anyone making the investment in ski boots. Mike is married to Wendy Carey, CFO and Executive Vice President of Seirus Innovation Accessories, Inc. Mike also works as an NFL referee and official. In addition, he currently serves on the Board of Trustees at Santa Clara University and served as Chairman of the Board of Snowsports Industry of America (SIA) from 2007-2010.

Carey and Edwards merged their separate companies into Seirus Innovation in 1984. The Seirus team has been awarded 16 patents over the life of the company, 9 current & 3 patents pending, and they continue to create proprietary products that help keep Seirus at the forefront of the snow market. We are privately owned by Carey and Edwards, with headquarters in San Diego, CA.

Our Mantra

To foster a culture where commitment to excellence in product innovation, quality and customer service permeates all we do. To deliver the best products to enable all outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the highest level of comfort and performance in any cold weather activity. The R&D process never ends for us and we continue to search out and use the very best materials and workmanship.